We would love to install that beautiful new flooring!

With any new floor, proper installation is a critical component of a finished flooring project that is not only beautiful, but high performing.

Benefits for Our Customers

clock Save Time

You don’t need to sacrifice long nights and weekends to painstakingly install a new floor. Let our professionals schedule a quick and convenient flooring installation.

shield Prevent Headaches

With our convenient installation appointments, you can avoid the frustration of long days spent installing floors and running across town for the proper equipment.

ribbon Flawless Results

Our expert flooring installers ensure that your finished floor is firmly fastened or secured, and that all seams and ridges are held to the highest quality standards.

recycle Reduce Waste

Our teams are trained to minimize material waste during installation by taking accurate measurements and making extremely precise cuts.

stars Extra Touches

From offering financing options to performing moisture checks before installing hardwood floors, our expert installers ensure that every floor is installed to the highest of standards.


Each Warehouse Flooring installer is passionate about delivering a beautiful and well-performing floor to our customers.


What makes our installers the best in the business?

communicate Communication

Our installers respect both your time and your home. We are polite, punctual, and respectful as we work to install your new floor conveniently and efficiently.

cycle Training

To ensure we are always delivering exceptional floors to our clients, we provide continual training and education courses to consistently fine-tune our skills.

star Experience

We’ve worked on flooring installations for all types of commercial and residential projects. From wood, to carpet, to cork and more, we understand the ins and outs of installing your new floor.

heart Care

Our installation professionals work carefully in currently lived-in spaces to respect and protect your home.